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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup

Over the years, refined sugar has been the most used sweetener for cooking, baking, and other consumer goods. Then here comes Agave syrup, honey, dates, Stevia, and other sweetener alternatives that flood the market. Some buy natural Agave syrup for baking and some buy organic coconut nectar syrup for sweetener alternative.

Due to tight competition and increased consumer awareness, companies seek ways to stretch the authenticity of their products through labeling them as “natural” and “organic”. But, do you know the difference between these two related descriptions?

The Difference between Organic and Natural

“Natural” is mostly labeled to food that most consumers thought is safe and healthy. But this label comes with no guarantees at all as “natural foods” are most often assumed to be minimally processed and don’t contain any artificial flavors. In fact, the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the Department of Agriculture don’t have specific rules and regulations concerning food labeled as “natural”. Because of this, most companies mark their products as natural simply for advertising purposes, and to have an edge amidst a tight competition.

On the other hand, foods labeled as “organic” are more of a guarantee than the “natural” labeled. This is a strictly regulated food system, giving guarantees that no toxic and synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, hormones, and artificial preservatives are used in the production of such goods. Manufacturers of organic brands are also subject to third-party certification inspections that could be announced or unannounced. Through this, you can be sure that whenever you buy organic coconut nectar syrup or other sweeteners, you can trust that they have the USDA Certified Organic label on it.

What Does an Organic Label Guarantees You?

Unlike other products with “natural” label claims, “organic” labels guarantee you of government-backed inspection certificates. These are in fact, strictly regulated as well.

How the Food Is Grown

You can guarantee the food is grown without toxic pesticides, synthetic growth hormones, petroleum-based fertilizers, and cloning process. You can be sure that these are required and mandated by law.

How the Food Is Processed

Regarding the processing of the produce, organic products can guarantee you that they don’t have artificial colors and flavors, artificial preservatives, irradiated ingredients, and genetically modified organisms. These are government mandated as well.

Why Buy Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup as Sweetener?

Don’t you know that of all the sugars used throughout generations, only coconut nectar possessed low-glycemic index compared to other food-based sugars? Of course, coconut nectar syrup has a lot of health benefits as well, provided that you buy only the organic product.

Read on and learn the three reasons why you should only buy organic coconut nectar syrup as your sweetener alternative. Guess what? You will surely shift brands, too.

  • Low Glycemic Index – Coconut nectar has an approximately 35 GI, making it safer for diabetics. Because of this, glucose is easily converted by the body into energy, keeping it to be stored for too long and becomes an excess body fat.
  • Low Fructose Content – Like coconut oil, coconut nectar also provides us with healthy fats. It is also mostly made of sucrose, with lower fructose content, making it a healthy sugar substitute.
  • Not Highly Processed – Both Agave and maple syrups, though they are most popular, aren’t good sugars at all. Unlike them, coconut nectar is not highly processed as this is just tapped from coconut blossoms, and is heated at not more than 110-degree Fahrenheit. So, it is best to buy organic coconut nectar syrup for a healthier sweetener!

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