About Us

There is a common saying that we’re sure you are familiar with. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ That’s why when we look at photos of palm trees, we can’t help but to smile a little to ourselves. Despite the fact that we probably look completely nuts to any onlookers. But we just can’t seem to help it. This is because looking at these wonky trees brings to mind something that we have what some might consider to be a bit of an unhealthy obsession. Ironically, our obsession is technically a healthy one – as our obsession is unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Goes Way Back

Every tablespoon of this wonderful product has a beautifully unique story behind it. Possibly one of our very favorite things about the extra virgin coconut oil process is this. A single coconut palm tree can have a lifespan of about 100 years. Each of these trees lifespans match that of an average human life. Some people say the trees are just as alive and aware as a person is. All the things they’ve seen and heard and felt is simply astounding to think of, should this be true. Just as a human life is. Each coconut grown off of these extraordinary trees is something to be regarded as special. We know we sound a bit intense. We just can’t help it. Instead of thinking it as some crazy notion, we prefer to consider our outlook to be nothing more than a healthy respect for nature and what nature has the potential to provide for us. Extra virgin coconut oil (and many of the other oils) are prime examples of this. That is why Coconut Force wanted to dedicate a blog that’s just as neat as the EVCO itself.

extra virgin coconut oil

There are many great things that have come from around the world. Pizza, Lady Liberty, Sushi, Skype…things like that. But we here at Coconut Force have a little something that we are especially fond of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Preferably, we’ll take the extra virgin stuff. This oil has a light, pure flavor goes just about perfectly with whatever need we have for it. It’s an ideal cooking oil as it does not overpower any of the flavors we want to stand out in a dish. Yet the flavor is dominate enough on its own to make a delectable dip just by adding a couple of your favorite herbs when munching on focaccia or a baguette. That’s why extra virgin coconut oil is listed among our favorite things.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: A Pressing Matter

Extra Virgin Coconut oil has been a big sensation for the foodies out there. It’s found a much larger following in the past couple years, however, on account of basic cable’s food network channel. Now, it is commonly referred to by many simply as EVCO. Which is pretty catchy. This is a play on Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s common abbreviation EVOO. Here is an extraordinary taste of exactly how huge the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil industry is becoming. Just to make a single quart (which is about 32 ounces) of the oil requires 10 coconuts. In just the United States alone, 142,000 gallons a year are sold. Think of all the coconuts who sacrificed their coconut lives to become our favorite oil. This significant amount exemplifies perfectly how popular this product is. And for good reason. EVCO is a healthy and versatile substitute for butter and other oils such as vegetable or canola. Our love of this oil has inspired us to create a dedication blog. The goal is to put together an appreciation menagerie of all things extra virgin coconut oil. At 142,000 gallons a year this might be a moot point. We love this stuff so much, we guess we don’t care