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The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Face

So why should one start using coconut oil for face? Let’s start by taking a closer look into the ways coconut tree, particularly coconut oil, is helping us humans.

The Countless Benefits You Can Enjoy from Using Coconut Oil

A day won’t probably be enough to discuss every single benefit coconut has in store for us. It is not called the “tree of life” for nothing, after all. There are many ways this tree is used, and its applications are not limited only to the culinary field or building houses and making furniture. Coconut tree can be processed into certain products too, and these products have in one way or another made everyday life easier. Coconut oil is just one of these amazing coconut products.

Coconut oil has been the subject of various debates because of what people claimed as harmful elements contained in it. The fats in coconut oil left people wondering whether this type of oil actually deserves a spot on a homeowner’s cupboard. But over the years, these claims have been invalidated.

True enough, coconut oil contains fatty acids, but these acids, particularly the medium-chain fatty acids lauric, capric, and caprylic, have been proven to have caused positive changes on one’s health, putting coconut oil on the list of superfoods to look out for.

Coconut Oil as a Staple Beauty Product Ingredient

For how many years now, coconut oil has been a commonly used ingredient in many beauty products including hair conditioners and skin moisturizers. This should not come as a surprise, considering that coconut oil has lauric acid and certain antimicrobial properties that make it capable of protecting your hair and skin from harmful elements that may cause skin diseases, breakouts, and common hair problems like dandruff and dry locks.

Coconut Oil as Face Cleanser: Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Face

The same properties that make coconut oil your hair’s best friend and your skin’s best buddy are what make it a good face cleanser too. Using coconut oil for face may sound like an alien idea, but this is no quack-doctor trickand is a long-proven beauty benefit.

A lot of us still get those annoying pimples, which can get really itchy sometimes and even leave a spot on the face so hard to get rid of. Another common problem is dry facial skin. With the hot weather and everything, we can’t help it, the day just does not end without our facial skin getting as dry as ever.

But worry not now as coconut oil is here to save the day. A lot of the facial skin problems we get are mostly caused by bacteria lurking around the pores. But through the coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties and moisturizing abilities, it can help keep your face smooth and healthy.

On how to use it, it’s simple. To treat dry facial skin, wash your face, dry it, then rub a pint of coconut oil on it. Always remember that you do not need to apply the oil in great amounts because it will spread quickly and well anyway. Leave the oil on your face for at most ten minutes, just long enough for it to get absorbed into the skin.

It may sound absurd, but even those with oily face can use coconut oil too as it has moisturizing effects that can help you deal with this skin problem. It is best applied after washing your face with mild soap.

There are a lot of other ways coconut oil can be used for a healthier and cleaner facial skin. It is even used by some to easily remove makeup and is proven to be an effective solution for facial wrinkles. This just proves how using coconut oil for face has gone from being a mere unsupported belief to being a widely observed practice by those wanting to keep a youthful-looking skin.

Still not convinced? To see is to believe, they say, so we suggest you try using coconut oil on your face and experience the magic it does firsthand.

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