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7 Incredible Beauty Hacks Using Coconut Oil

Considered a heaven-sent because of its beautifying abilities, coconut oil is known for its many amazing uses and benefits for the body. From fixing frizzy hair to removing those pesky cuticles, this oil helps enhance many aspects of our physical body.

Check out these beauty hacks using coconut oil you didn’t know about.

1. Shaving Cream

Of course, you can spend money on commercial shaving creams. However, don’t expect to achieve a clean shave you are looking for. To save your money and your face, why not use coco oil instead? It should yield a natural and clean shave and leave your skin moisturized and smelling fresh.

2. Body Scrub

You can make your own body scrub with coconut oil. Simply combine a cup of melted coco oil with one cup of salt or brown sugar. For an added fragrance, put several drops of your favorite essential oils.

3. Makeup Remover

Do you have a hard time dealing with that waterproof mascara? Coconut oil might just be the product you are looking for. A small dollop can gently get rid a day’s makeup.

4. Hair Conditioner

If you are dealing with frizzy strands, condition them by applying coco oil to the ends. Allow the oil to penetrate overnight to repair damaged hair and replace lost protein.

5. Facial Cleanser

This could probably be the best product you can use for your skin, especially if you are prone to acne and breakouts. With its antibacterial and moisturizing properties, every woman would definitely want to include this in their daily facial routine.

6. Body Moisturizer

An excellent body moisturizer, coconut oil is capable of penetrating deep into the layers of the skin. Use it right after you shower to seal in moisture and keep your skin free from irritation.

7. Cheekbone Highlighter

To achieve a radiant and glowing skin, the secret is coco oil. Apply a bit of coconut oil over your cheekbones and the outer corner of your eyes. Your skin should show a natural glow in an instant.

Would you be using unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil in your beauty regimen, too? Let us know by sharing your ideas below.