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Every Loving Kitchen Needs Coconut Flavored Syrup

Organic coconut syrup or coconut flavored syrup is a natural sweetener that comes from the coconut palm. It’s one of the many coconut products growing in popularity because of its delicious taste and list of health benefits. Most people use it as an alternative to ordinary table sugars and the reviews are stellar. Everybody simply loves the coconut flavored syrup.

Let’s talk about 8 dishes and snacks that can use coconut flavored syrup to make it better.

8 Dishes That Can Use Coconut Flavored Syrup


Bacon is almost everyone’s favorite breakfast and snack. Pair it with scrambled eggs and you simply have a masterpiece. But did you know that cooking it with a bit of coconut flavored syrup can also add to its greatness? Whether it’s a savory bacon meal or a sweet bacon snack, the syrup can give it the flavor it needs.

Baked Beans

Cook the beans with the coconut syrup to get the tastiest results. The blend of sweet and savory is perfect for this dish and you can have it anytime of the day. It’s also very easy to make.


Marinate the fish in coconut flavored syrup and you can enjoy a nice savory salmon dish with a touch of coconut. It’s unique and delicious. This will definitely be a great meal in the tropics.


Instead of the maple syrup that you normally use on roasted ham, you should try a nice bottle of coconut syrup. Add the right amount and it’ll make the dish really delicious. Serve it to your family and friends and you can celebrate any occasion.

Chicken Wings

Sweet and spicy chicken wings will never be better with coconut flavored syrup. It’s absolutely delicious and your new obsession. With it, you can create a chicken wing dish glazed in coconut flavored syrup. Who doesn’t love chicken wings?

Sweet Potatoes

Cooking the potatoes with coconut syrup adds a taste to it that you will love. Trust us, it’ll be your new favorite. Plus, there are plenty of other potato dishes that you can use coconut syrup on too.

Pork Chops

Another savory dish you can make special with organic coconut syrup is pork chops. Use the syrup by cooking the meat with it or simply spreading it over the pork after, and you will have the time of your life.

Roasted Vegetables

This is a popular side dish to the main courses of chicken, fish, or pork. But a little secret you should know is that mixing the vegetables with coconut flavored syrup after they are roasted makes it sweeter and tastier.

Coconut flavored syrup rightfully deserves a place in your kitchen. It’s easy to use, has a sweet scent, and gives you lots of opportunities to experiment on some dishes. You can truly make anything better with it. Just make sure you give your dishes and desserts the right amount of the syrup and you can make magic. Try it today!

If you’d like to know more about coconut flavored syrup, talk to us at Coconut Force anytime!

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