unrefined coconut oil

Coconut Oil Everyday Keeps the Fats at Bay

Unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil is so unlike any regular oil you’ve come across chances are you’d be sorry you haven’t got wind of it sooner. It’s true, there’s just so many recipes to do with the oil from coco and too little time to get it all done;  as a true blue foodie, that may soon be apparent to you. And yet, all the whipping and cooking of  mouth-watering dishes can make you lose sight of a greater goal: your health.

Don’t look now, but that goes for everyone in the room –  and everyone of the 7.5-billion people on Earth including.

Nevertheless, before you scream in desperation and cry foul, know that coconut oil can lend you a hand. Not only can the heavenly sent liquid help you put a handle on hunger, it can be your best ally to put your body in great shape.

Sleeping with the Enemy

For a moment there, you may say that such perspective could be a bit extreme. But if you reflect on the fact that two-thirds (68.8 % to be exact) of the adult population in America is either obese or overweight according to the U.S. Department of Health, then you know it’s an epidemic of sorts. Piggyback all the life-threatening illnesses – cancer, heart disease, diabetes just to name a few – associated with all the extra fat and you know you must get yourself in a better shape to be more effective in life.

Coconut Oil: God’s Healing Oil on Earth

Looking at how coconut trees stretch themselves out to the sky through their branches acting like a big, big hand reaching out to the great beyond should tell you these handiworks of nature are definitely here to help us. And the scientific community through countless research has validated this – coconut oil especially the virgin, unrefined one can help your journey to being fit and fab.

“So what exactly makes coconut oil special?” you may ask. Well, it’s simple. The oil from coconut is so unlike most oils in the market as it’s comprised mostly of MCTs, short for medium-chain triglyceride lauric acid.

While saturated fats found mostly in meat, in dairy and other vegetable oils gets stored in the body as dangerous fat, MCTs gets transported directly to your liver, where it quickly becomes stored energy to fuel your everyday activity.

Making You Fit and Fab

Further, when the body processes these MCTs from coconut oil, ketone bodies are formed. Ketone carries the added benefit of putting your hunger and cravings for food to the utmost minimum. The result: your body is transformed into a more energy-efficient machine.

The best part’s you need not go a long way to get unrefined virgin coconut oil in your diet.  Most certainly, there’s no need for you to fly to Asia as quality brands are your for the taking at the tap of a finger.

Put in some ingenuity and a little help from enterprising friends, you can just incorporate this heaven-sent oil in your daily intake in so many ways.

So, next time you’re caught staring at washboard abs in the beach, know you can have one for yourself. Starting with a couple of spoon full of coconut oil taken daily.