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Why You Need to Start Using Coconut Oil for Hair Loss

From being a great food ingredient that helps enhance the taste of countless treats to being a good immune system booster according to nutritionist Dr. Mary G. Enig, coconut oil sure has showered us with numerous ways we can make use of it. Most of these applications, however, are centered on food. Little do most people know, coconut oil is great for the hair too—especially for hair loss.  Below we elaborate on the many reasons one should start using coconut oil for hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss

Our hair is our crowning glory—an overused expression but still stands true nevertheless. We never want to go out with our locks all over the place. This is especially true for women or anyone with long hair, who have to constantly comb the strands in place. But more than a group of tangled strands, what concerns us more is when we start losing them. The sight of a group of hair strands getting washed on the drain is not a good one. Even seeing some on our comb is bothersome.

What exactly causes hair loss?

In an article by health care company Mayo Clinic, losing a few strands is quite normal and is something you don’t have to worry about, as these strands are replaced by new ones in no time. It’s a cycle of losing and growing new hair strands. What marks the start of the problem is when this cycle is disturbed.

There are a lot of things that may lead to this condition. One is heredity—yes, there’s enough reason for you to blame the genes. Called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness, balding and thinning of hair may be the product of a rather despicable part of family history.

Another reason could be a medical condition you are just not aware of. Infections on the scalp and certain skin disorders can cause hair loss too. A more rare condition, hair-pulling disorder called trichotillomania, which is characterized by the patient’s urge to pull out their own hair, will eventually lead to losing those beautiful locks.

There are other causes of hair loss, which include getting too many hair treatments or forms of physical and emotional shock. All of which give us an idea that this condition can strike anyone. That is why it is important that we find ways how to prevent this because they may be difficult to contain sometimes. But our hair is worth protecting.

How Coconut Oil for Hair Loss Solves This Dreadful Dilemma

Coconut oil has been around for quite some time. With more coconut-producing countries sprouting everywhere, it does not come as a surprise that more and more people are taking advantage of everything the tree of life offers. Labeled “the new superfood” by The Washington Post, coconut is more known for being a good aide in weight loss,  boosting the immune system, and improving blood cholesterol levels.

But there’s a lesser-known benefit of coconut, particularly the oil extracted from it, that can help fight one of the most common health conditions. And yes, we’re talking about coconut oil for hair loss.

According to HuffPost, coconut oil has gotten a bad rap after certain studies revealed that the fats it contains are bad for the health. Decades later, however, newer findings invalidated these claims. In fact, the saturated fats in coconut oil have been proven to be beneficial.

Coconut Oil and Lauric Acid

In an article by the Healthline Networks, it has been found that half of the fat that can be found in coconut oil is the saturated fat called lauric acid. It is rarely found in nature but is present in breast milk and palm kernel oil. This fatty acid is the primary reason why it is advisable to use coconut oil for hair loss. Lauric acid easily binds with hair protein, making it capable of strengthening hair strands and helps prevent further hair damage.

Coconut Oil’s Antibacterial Properties

Moreover, coconut oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help protect our skin, our scalp being no exemption, from harmful elements that may cause hair loss and slow down hair growth. When applied to the hair, coconut oil readily penetrates the hair shaft and keeps it safe from heat and other impurities.

Coconut Oil’s Vitamin Content

Authority Health also has it that another way coconut for hair loss actually helps is because of the vitamins contained in the oil. Vitamins E and K are just two of the abundant vitamin content in coconut oil that help not only in preventing hair loss, but also in improving hair growth. Majority of skin disorders are caused by the lack of these vitamins, so it is safe to say that regular consumption of the same helps prevent these conditions from attacking you.

These and many other reasons prove just how helpful coconut oil is in preventing more of your hair strands from falling out.

Sure, there are a lot of hair products that promise better results. But if you want to be safe and go for a more natural solution, coconut oil for hair loss is always here to save the day. Keep your long locks’ beauty and start using coconut oil for hair loss now.

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